AAA: partecipanti cercasi per training course in Estonia!!!

16 aprile, 2014

Training course “Too cool for school!”

Di seguito trovate informazioni su obiettivi e finalità del corso proposto.
Se pensate faccia al caso vostro o conoscete qualcuno interessato all’argomento, fateci sapere!

Come candidarsi
: compilare l’application-form-too-cool-for-school ed inviarla a segreteriagte@comune.modena.it

Scadenza per candidarsi
: il prima possibile! Selezioni in corso.

Le application verranno valutate e a parità di candidatura verrà considerato l’ordine di invio.

Posti disponibili: 2

Vi ricordiamo che le offerte formative di GTE sono dedicate agli associati. Se non siete associati, potete fare il tesseramento annuale. Per informazioni contattateci via e-mail!


Call for participants: “Too Cool for School!”


 So lets get together and brainstorm about best solutions how to inspire young people in schools!!!


Estonia, 01-08 July 2014


The aim of this training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders, trainers and teachers in how to support young people at risk of leaving school early as well as young people who have already dropped out through non-formal education in their self-development.


 To reflect on the needs, challenges of early school leavers;

  • to develop strategies that support early school leavers;
  • to develop competences to train young people to acquire necessary life skills like communication, self-confidence, creativity, project management;
  • to work on the recognition of the non-formal;
  • to share good practices;
  • to use the Youth in Action program as a tool in dealing with early school leavers;
  • to reflect on how to motivate young people.

Dates & location

1 – 8 of July 2014

Lahmuse Manor

This is an active private school and

Training Centre in Viljandi County


We also encourage you to plan your trip to Estonia in a way you could visit Estonia a bit more for example:

Old Tallinns Medieval festival later 7-9.07


What do you get?

 This project will apply for funding under the Youth in Action program. Thanks to this support participants will only pay the participation fee + 30% of the travel cost. All other expenses (70% of the travel, lodging, food and activities) are covered by the hosting organisation.

Application process

 In first stage we are getting agreement with your organization, which is directly responsible for selection of participants.

In second stage we send you more info about practicalities and learning needs questioner. Then we communicate more detail about travelling and your contribution in program.

Please find attached the first draft program!

A4.3 Too Cool for School programme



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