AAA: scambio giovanile “BECOME A CONNECTION”- Brno, Repubblica Ceca!!! URGENTE

7 ottobre, 2015


Dove – Brno, Repubblica Ceca

Quando – dal 3 all’11 novembre 2015

Età – 17 -23 anni per i partecipanti (possibili eccezioni), anche più grande il group leader

Posti disponibili – 4

3 partecipanti (preferibilmente ragazze – possibili eccezioni)

1 Group leader (preferibilmente ragazza)

Tematica, paesi coinvolti, partecipanti – “Become a connection” is a multicultural exchange for 30 youngsters from 4 countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy and Romania) aiming to create fulfillment by enabling the participants to bring their passion, skills and talents into community activities. We see that connections are missing between young people representing minorities and majority population in Southern Moravia and we offer participants to become a link between this diversity and to experience what being active in community means and how they can use differences for the benefit of everybody involved.

Composizione gruppo:

Ucraina & Romania – 7 pax per gruppo

Rep. Ceca & Italia  – 8  pax per gruppo

Max rimborso spese di viaggio – 170 euro

Quota partecipazione – 20 euro


– Exchange attitudes from the different European and Neighboring countries towards the intercultural dialog

– Exchange different approaches on how to combat intolerance and build bridges for society members

– To use the multi-cultural group of participants as a learning space on individual roles and competencies in relation to the topic of the project

– To support young people in finding solutions for the issues they see around them, by discovering the potential they have in bringing the change

– To exchange knowledge on how to cooperate in differences and see yourself as a possibility

Tutte le info su metodologia e programma, le trovate nell’infoletter al link sottostante!


Leggere l’Info Letter – Become a connection YE sullo scambio (programma incluso), compilare Application form_Become a connection ed inviarla all’indirizzo e-mail segreteriagte@comune.modena.it indicando in oggetto “Become a connection”.

I ragazzi interessati verranno contattati per un colloquio conoscitivo ai fini delle selezioni.

Scadenza per candidarsi – quanto prima!

Ricordiamo che tutte le offerte formative di Going to Europe sono riservate agli associati, quindi se non siete ancora tesserati vi invitiamo a contattarci!



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