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AAA: partecipanti cercasi!!! Seminario in Georgia

12 febbraio, 2014


Seminar “Promoting Voluntary Work: Applied Perspectives”

Dove: Tbilisi, Georgia

Quando: dal 27 aprile al 4 maggio

Partecipanti: 4

Età: 18 – 30 anni

Paesi coinvolti: Georgia, Ucraina, Spagna, Armenia, Italia, Azerbaijan

Come candidarsi: inviare cv in inglese, indicare i motivi per cui si desidera partecipare  e contattare Going to Europe via e-mail al seguente indirizzo:

Deadline: il prima possibile!!!

Breve descrizione:

The overall aim of the project is raise European Awareness and to increase culture of volunteering among young people with different cultural background. To popularize voluntarily work as a tool promoting youth participation in public life and decision-making process.


– To raise awareness of the values of voluntarily work, to explore it as  way to be actively involved in society;

– To link volunteering with empowerment and experience and identify it as a concept of personal and social development;

– To explore barriers that make young people avoid volunteering and reflect on the ways it can be overcome;

– To familiarize participants with different opportunities of volunteering and strengthen links between volunteer involving organizations and young people;

The seminar will develop participants’ skills and competencies useful for voluntarily work. The main goal of the project will be achieved through using methodology of non-formal education such as: workshops, role plays, theoretical inputs. Priority will be given to individual and group work.


The six day long program will start by exploring the existing situation in the field of youth participation and youth involvement level in voluntary work. Afterwards intensive theoretical input will be delivered as well as participants will intensively work in groups.

The final part of the seminar will focus on evaluation of the results and on brainstorming ideas for preparation a document which will serve as a source of inspiration for the other young people.